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Secured Investments

Secured Private Mortgage Investing

Part of our services includes providing administration for a promising avenue for achieving steady dividends and diversifying our client’s portfolios. Careful consideration and sound decision-making coupled with our expertise can help investors reap the benefits of this investment option. Contact us today to help administer your private mortgage investment.

Mortgage Administrators in Ontario

As a mortgage administrator in Ontario, NorthLend Financial’s mission is to provide investors with administration for their alternative investment options. We are committed to ensuring the security of the investments of our investors and creating a transparent, efficient, and secure lending environment.

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A Sound Investment

Private mortgage investing is a way to invest in real estate by lending money to borrowers who cannot secure traditional bank loans. It’s a wise investment option for those looking to grow their wealth because it provides higher dividends than traditional investments with less volatility.

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The Process

In Ontario, private mortgage investing works by connecting investors with borrowers through mortgage brokers or administrators. The investor provides the funds for the mortgage, and the borrower agrees to repay the loan with interest over a set period of time.

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Numerous Benefits

Investing in private mortgages has several benefits over traditional lending, including higher dividends, greater control over the investment, and the ability to diversify one’s portfolio. Additionally, private mortgage investing allows investors to support local real estate projects and contribute to the growth of their communities.

Our Promise

Mortgage and Loan Investment Opportunities

We administer a range of services for private mortgage investing, including minimum investment amounts of $25,000, making opportunities accessible to a wide range of investors. When it comes to interest rates, we stay competitive in the market, with average rates ranging from 8% to 12%. We are the only mortgage-backed lending option in the market and consistently provide higher dividends than traditional investing. Our team can effectively diversify your portfolio, leveraging RRSPs, Pension Plans and other locked-in investments to provide you with secure and safe investing options.

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As an investor, it is paramount that you work with a reputable and knowledgeable mortgage administration company like NorthLend. Our process ensures peace of mind and covers all details of your investment.


Become an Investor

Contact one of our consultants to join our group of investors.


Receive Notification

Once your account is set up, you will receive notification of your account approval.


Choose Your Investment

We have many personal investment opportunities based on your current situation.


Transfer Funds

Approve the documents and transfer your funds into an in-trust account.


Receive Monthly Interest

Every Month we will payout your interest dividends and deposit them into your account.


Initial Capital Repayed

After one year, we will repay your initial capital investment.

*Certain conditions apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

At our company, we provide unparalleled mortgage administration services to our clients, which include cutting-edge technology, detailed reporting, and constant communication.

Loans can be considered investments in certain contexts. For the lender, making a loan involves providing capital to a borrower in exchange for interest payments and the eventual repayment of the principal. In some cases, lenders may also receive equity or other forms of ownership in the borrower’s business as part of the loan agreement.

However, it’s important to note that not all loans are investments, and not all investments involve loans. For example, stocks, bonds, and mutual funds are all investment vehicles that do not involve lending money to a borrower.

Investors can invest in private mortgages in Ontario by connecting with a reputable mortgage administrator, like NorthLend Financial, that specializes in private mortgage investments.

Mortgage administrators or brokers may provide a variety of mortgage types for you to invest in. At NorthLend Financial, we administer residential, commercial, and industrial mortgages. In some circumstances, we also administer second mortgages, construction mortgages, and land development loans.

What types of mortgages can I invest in?

Get Mortgage Administration the NorthLend Way

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