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NorthLend Financial operates as a licensed mortgage administrator regulated by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA). As an intermediary between borrowers and lenders, our primary function is to facilitate the mortgage process. With authorization from regulatory bodies, such as the FSRA in Ontario, we receive mortgage payments from borrowers and send them to respective lenders.

Lenders engage our services to oversee the mortgage agreement and take steps on their behalf to enforce mortgage payments. This can include sending reminders to borrowers about upcoming payments, collecting late fees, and initiating legal action if necessary. NorthLend Financial can also ensure that the correct amount is paid and that payments are made on time to prevent any adverse impact on the borrower’s credit score.

Our role in the mortgage process is pivotal as we strive to ensure that payments are made correctly, on schedule, and in compliance with established guidelines. By providing support to both lenders and borrowers, we contribute to the smooth operation of mortgage agreements and foster a mutually beneficial relationship between the parties involved.

When you choose to work with NorthLend Financial, we provide investor services depending on your unique needs.

For investors, we provide a way to administer their portfolios for private mortgage investment options. As a mortgage administrator, NorthLend Financial and our professional team are capable of strategically growing your investments through various streams, managing the payments of borrowers, collecting the rates and delivering results with detailed reports. We firmly stay at the forefront of the market to ensure we are always providing the most quality and qualified services to our clients.

NorthLend Financial’s team has been actively operating in the mortgage industry since 2011. Since that time, we have gained a significant amount of experience and knowledge in this field. Our team’s extensive tenure in the field has exposed them to a diverse range of mortgage-related challenges, enabling them to gain valuable insights and develop effective solutions. As the team grew, we were able to leverage their collective experience and expertise to serve clients better.

In 2017, NorthLend Financial was founded with the goal of providing even more comprehensive and effective solutions to individuals and businesses. Since our inception, we have helped numerous clients in securing mortgage financing and achieving portfolio diversification—a crucial aspect of investing, as it helps mitigate risk and potentially enhances long-term dividends. Our team maintains their focus on serving clients and providing solutions, ensuring that we are a reliable partner for mortgage administration and investment services.

Everyone’s investment philosophy differs slightly. When you choose to entrust your investment administration with NorthLend, we ensure we take the time to understand your specific goals as it relates to your money. We can provide support and guidance regarding the best next steps and generally follow a tailored plan that has been successful for so many of our clients.

  • With your funds, we administer secured loans that pay our clients anywhere between six to twelve per cent ROI.
  • We focus on one-year terms to ensure our clients are able to see growth, and once the term is complete, we repay your initial capital investment.
  • Our team is FSRA-licensed to receive mortgage payments from borrowers and send them to lenders, adhering to all guidelines and applicable regulations throughout the process.

Part of our financial strategy is strong communication with our clients. We believe in sharing detailed information regarding our process and how it can positively impact those who choose to work with us.

  • NorthLend Financial administers predictable dividends to investors. We can administer steady and reliable interest payments to our clients, a quality option for those seeking stability and predictability.
  • Our team focuses on investing in assets that are located within Eastern Ontario. This localized approach allows us to have a deeper understanding of the local real estate market and the factors that could impact investment potential.
  • Our clients invest in only the top 15% of available transactions. We remain highly selective in our investments, only choosing those that meet strict criteria and provide the most potential for a favourable investment opportunity.
  • Mortgage impairment insurance is crucial for mortgage administrators as it protects against financial losses due to borrower default or property damage. We include this type of specialized insurance coverage to safeguard the value of mortgage portfolios, mitigate risk, and provide peace of mind. It ensures our team can navigate potential disruptions in the face of unforeseen circumstances.
  • Finally, all of our borrowers fall within the guidelines set by FSRA. We prioritize responsible lending practices and are committed to ensuring that investments are backed by reputable borrowers capable of repaying their loans.

Who We Are

NorthLend Financial is a mortgage administration firm based in Ontario committed to providing its clients with exceptional loan solutions and intermediary services. Our team of experts assists clients in securing investment opportunities in various sectors based on their unique needs and preferences.

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About Us

Let us handle the complexities of managing secured mortgage agreements for you. Choose NorthLend Financial as your next mortgage administrator and experience hassle-free, top-of-the-line service.

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Our Team

Our team of seasoned professionals, boasting years of experience in the mortgage administration industry, drives our company’s success. Their unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional service sets the foundation for our company’s reputation, ensuring that our clients receive nothing but the best.

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Our Services

Our services provide a lucrative opportunity to diversify your portfolio. With our team’s expertise and meticulous approach to decision-making, investors can reap the rewards of this investment option.

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